The Bad Apple
The Bad Apple

The Bad Apple

All old bikes have history and this one has a doozy.

Originally customised in 2017 for a member of the Deus Bali staff, it became his daily rider. Affectionally referred to as his company car, it ferried him to work and back, to the surf on the weekends, all through the pandemic and the many kilometres he put on it when an invitingly open and empty Bali presented itself.

Then in the last days of Nov 2022 a swaggering, nibble fingered English man brazenly rode it out of the backyard compound at Deus. But that’s a whole other story, suffice to say the pommy pilferer was apprehended within twenty four hours and ended up behind bars, but the bike was also locked up, evidence they said. Four long months later, we were allowed to go collect it. Time had not been kind having been parked in the elements, leaving it well and truly rough around the edges.

When an opening in the Deus Bali Bengkel’s (Indonesian for Garage) bike build schedule popped up late in 23, he slotted his bike in.

The Bad Apple, is a 2009 Yamaha SSX225 torn down and built back up again. It had gotten a big bore kit in the original customisation, so this time around only the rings are new. A lowered ride height is thanks to a completely new subframe, seat pan and seat and handmade aluminium rear fender. The knock-on effect of lowering it around five centimetres meant we needed to remodel the rear surf rack too. Imported Japanese Hurricane chrome handlebars and Hurricane gum grips for up front. Custom mini-indicators hang out back and some modified LEDs hung off the front forks. The high scrambler exhaust was ditched for an underslung custom chrome reverse cone muffler and stainless header.

The T&K Rims were still fine, and actually perfect after polishing. So new stainless spokes and vapour blasting on the KLX hubs made the lot look new. The Shinko’s still have some kilometres in them, so we’ll leave new ones for another time.
Already customised for disk brakes both front and back, we just added new disks, pads, a rear reservoir and braided cables collectively dialling the stopping power back up to ten.

All the seals, gaskets, chains, springs and washers were refreshed. The Keihin slide carb rebuilt and new cone air filter complete with an acid etched logo back plate. A rebuilt loom was needed after repositioned the battery box and on top of all that was the customary collection of other little things you never see.

Previously the bike had exposed polished aluminium parts, the Bengkel Boys hand wrought tank and fenders had been on full display under just a clear coat. With a talented new painter joining the ranks of the Bengkel Boys late last year, it was time to get on the straight and narrow. British Racing Green for the tank, fenders and headlight and antique white for the rear bits. The engine cage was silvered, the block was completely blasted before the wrinkle black was redone and a few choice parts of the case were polished. If
you’re wondering why the tank badges are backwards, they’re off a previous build where the acid etching guys got it wrong, although we think for this build, they are just right.

After doing a chunk of Bengkel time the Bad Apple is finally back on the roads of Bali being a daily rider, albeit a more rehabilitated version of its nefarious self.


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